Data Center Engineering Systems
1 day course
9:00 - 17:30
Intensive workshop
NGN Training Center
About the course
An intensive introductory one-day course covers key aspects of data center construction and all related engineering infrastructure technologies.
9:00 am - 17:30 am
7 hours of training
Up to 16 people in the group

Bahrain World Trade Centre
31st Floor
1 day course
Block #1

Implementation of data center engineering subsystems:

Precision air conditioning system
Air conditioning system for personnel
Technological ventilation system
General supply-and-exhaust ventilation system
External power supply system
DGP-based independent power supply system
Uninterrupted power supply system
Working, standby, and emergency lighting systems
Exterior lighting system
Lightning protection system
Smoke removal system
Heating system
Cold and hot water supply systems
Waste water and storm water drainage systems
Structured cabling system
Telephony system
Access control and video surveillance system
Fire and security alarm system
Gas fire-extinguishing and by-product removal system
Integrated system for control and monitoring of the facility engineering infrastructure
Internal fire-extinguishing system based on fire hydrants
Other necessary systems
Block #2

Description of typical IT infrastructure solutions for:

Ensuring app disaster-tolerance
Building SANs
Replicating data
Building a disaster-tolerant backup system
Who should attend?
Those interested in data center construction, professionals in Construction and IT. Work experience in IT or Construction is recommended.


Those interested in building a Data Center. Professionals in Construction and IT
Learning outcomes
  • Understand how standard and container-based data centers really work.
  • Obtain essential information about Tier III data center certification.
  • Review data center construction expertise accumulated by NGN and its partners.
It's time to learn something new!
3 reasons to study with us
A tailor-made course gives an up-to-date overview of current trends in engineering systems of a modern data center
The instructor is an industry practitioner with a vast experience in building and operating data centers
Spacious office with city view in one of the most famous buildings in Manama
World Trade Center, Manama
Data Center Engineering Systems
1 day course
9:00 - 17:30