HCNA – Data Center Certification Training
5 days course
NGN Training Center
HCNA – Data Center Certification Training will provide you a better understanding of cloud data centers, their management and maintenance. This course includes four units: overview, hardware installation and O&M of physical products in a Huawei DC, IT infrastructure technology basics, management software of a cloud DC, Huawei cloud DC management and O&M.
8 hours a day
Up to 16 people in the group

Bahrain World Trade Centre
31st Floor
Course description
HCNA-Data Center certification is designed for cloud data center deployment and O&M engineers.

HCNA-Data Center certification contents include basic knowledge of cloud data centers, installation and O&M of Huawei hardware used in cloud data centers, basic operations and maintenance of IT infrastructure, and basic management and O&M.
Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to know:
  • DC development course
  • Basic modules of a DC
  • Network structure
  • Evolution trend of cloud DCs
  • AR G3 product positioning
  • Hardware architecture and common cards and modules of AR G3
  • AR G3 data forwarding process
  • Application scenarios of AR G3
  • Positioning of NE40E-X routes
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        • Cards of NE40E-X routes
        • Functions of NE40E-X routers
        • Positioning of Sx7 series fixed configuration switches
        • Cards and modules of Sx7 series fixed configuration switches
        • Status quo of DC switches
        • Hardware types of CE series switches
        • Networking of CE series switches
        • TH series servers
        • Key component installation of RH series servers
        • Routine inspection and maintenance of servers
        • Server fault diagnosis methods
        • Server log collection methods
        • Positioning of OceanStor V3 series
        • Hardware architecture of OcenaStor V3 series
        • Functions of OceanStor V3 series
        • Basic routine O&M operations
        • New challenges facing agile networks in cloud DCs
        • SDN progress and technology roadmap in the industry
        • Huawei Cloud Fabric DC network solution
        • Importance of data in an enterprise
        • Differences between structures data and unstructured data
        • Common RAID types
        • Highlights of the DAS solution
        • Advantages and disadvantages of DAS
        • Main SAN components
        • Characteristics of NAS in the ICT architecture
        • NAS topology
        • Positioning of FusionCompute in FusionSphere
        • Important concepts and architecture of FusionCompute
        • Typical functions of FusionCompute
        • Background of OpenStack
        • Organizational structure of OpenStack
        • Major functions of OpenStack
        • OpenStack enhancement in FusionSphere
        • ManageOne architecture
        • ManageOne networking
        • Typical functions of ManageOne
        • eSight overview
        • eSight functions
        • Technical specifications of eSight
        • eSight value
        • Introduction of Agile Controller – DCN
        • Functions of Agile Controller-DCN
        • Application scenarios of Agile Controller – DCN
        Standards and protocols that Agile Controller – DCN complies with
        Target audience
        • DC Design Personnel
        • DC Deployment Personnel
        • DC O&M Personnel
        3 reasons to study with us
        The instructor is an industry practitioner with a vast experience
        Possibility to get an insight into cloud data centers
        Spacious and fully equipped office with city view in one of the most famous buildings in Manama
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